20 – 21 September 2016
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Singapore

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7th Annual Pharmacovigilance Asia 2016 Brochure

Download the event brochure and discover which pharmacovigilance experts from Asia and across the globe you will have the opportunity to meet.

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Improving the Benefit versus Risk of Medicinal Products in Asia

The International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP) has set up a Special Interest Group (SiG) on Risk Minimisation Methods for Asian Countries, aimed at elaborating novel risk-proportionate methods suitable for Asian countries with diverse health care systems, medical cultures, practices and resources. To learn about the aims and activities of this...

APAC Pharmacovigilance Standards Overview 2016

APAC is the third largest pharmaceutical market in the world, worth over USD 140 billion and rapidly growing. This increased market demand and activity brings an increased focus on pharmacovigilance, (PV) and drug safety. To accompany the growing importance of this topic, this eBook provides an overview of the PV...

Pharmaco-cybernetic Approaches to Patient Safety & Enhancing Risk Communication in the Cybermedicine Age

This presentation from our 2015 event explores the drug-related problems in the cybermedicine age, including the role of pharmaco-informatics, pharmaco-cybernetics in patient safety and strategies to enhance risk communication.

Exploiting Social Media to Identify Potential Safety Signals and to Augment Adverse Event Data Collection

This presentation examines the current global regulations regarding the use of social media to detect potential safety signals, as well as the existing tools and strategies available to do so.

The Top 5 Technologies Set to Transform Pharmacovigilance

Artificial intelligence, medicine with microchips, contact lenses that monitor blood sugar levels - this is not science fiction - technology is truly transforming pharmacovigilance. But when are these technologies likely to impact your work? The answer is, sooner than you might think. Download this exclusive article to get the latest...

Emerging Tools for Data Collection

ADRs are well known to under reported, both by medical professionals and patients. As a result, PV practitioners are considering whether the use of social media monitoring or specialised PV apps, could improve the volume and quality of adverse events during post-marketing safety surveillance. Whilst these practices are already underway...

The Role of Safety Labeling in Risk Minimization - Managing Labeling in Asia

In this presentation, Rie Matsui, Director of Regional Labeling at Pfizer, examines the steps required to align labeling global safety and labelling standards, changes in regulation and future trends in Asia.

Snapshot of Asia’s Pharmacovigilance Standards and Practices

To help you understand the current standards and practices in Pharmacovigilance across Asia, this eBook provides a snapshot of the several of the major markets in the region. Then to provide an international comparison, we take a look at the changing pharmacovigilance requirements in the European Union, as a benchmark...

Robust RMP, a Key to Improving PV Standards in Asia?

Stricter guidelines on Risk Management Planning will have far-reaching consequences on PV practices. This article examines the challenges affecting this upcoming change and ways to improve PV in the Asian context. 

Adapting to Disruptive Change in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry continues to change at what feels like an exponential pace, so what can be done to move with this change rather than resist it?

What Every CRO Should Know When Becoming Fully Electronic

This insightful article outlines what every CRO needs to know about solutions that are compliant with the SAFE-BioPharma standard.